Dir Krish Interview about Gautamiputra Satakarni

Tuesday,January10th,2017, 12:15 AM

National Award winning director Krish, who awaits the release of his forthcoming film Gautamiputra Satakarni, is quite busy promoting the film. Let's see what he has to say about Satakarni.

Why did you choose to make a film on Satakarni?
I felt there is a need to make a film about his greatness. I wanted to showcase what our ancient Telugu leaders did for us.

How did you get the full info about Satakarni?
We did a lot of research for the past three years. I met many people to collect information about the king. I also read many books. Though there was not very much information to gather, I tried to make the film what I collected and believed.

Who was in your mind while writing the scipt?
From the day I started writing the script, Balayya Babu is the only hero who was in my mind. This film would not have been made if Balayya Babu rejected it.

How did Bala Krishna react when you narrated the story?
I still remember the day I met Balayya Babu, He asked me to narrate the story in one hour. Soon after I started narrating the story, I observed that his body language was changing and then I felt he is liking the story and my narration. I narrated the story for two hours and he was very much impressed with it and gave his nod right away.

How did you complete shoot so quickly?
We began shooting of the film with a caption- dream project with a deadline. Everything was prepared before the shooting begins. Everything right from what scene should be shot and where to shoot, what costumes will suit to the actors in the film and which dialogues should be used, was planned well before and we have never looked before during the shooting.

Differences between Satakarni and Baahubali?
Baahubali and Satakarni are two complete different films. Baahubali is a fantasy film. Satakarni is based on original history where there is no scope to play with the story.

Did Rajamouli give any advice?
Yes. Many do not know that Rajamouli garu gave me one best advise for Satakarni. I narrated him the entire story once and he advised me to use limited graphics and VFX work which will decrease a lot a time in post-production. This has helped me to keep everything natural.

How was your experience working with Bala Krishna?
It was a wonderful experience working with Balayya Babu and had a terrific time during the shooting. I feel that Balayya Babu is the only actor who could have probably done the role of Satakarni. He is so dedicated that many daring stunts in the film were performed by him without dupe. He brought a royal look to the film with the way he delivered his dialogues and action in war sequences.

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