TFJA ID, Health Card Distribution Held Grandly 

Tuesday,July18th,2023, 05:24 AM

Telugu Film Journalists Association (TFJA) is a body that always strives for the welfare and well-being of its members. TFJA, like the head of the family, takes responsibility for every member and their family member's health. To every member who joined TFJA, it provides Three Lakhs of health insurance along with providing term policies, and accidental policies for free. To achieve this successfully, it takes the help of the Film Industry and its members. Members who joined and took membership this year (2023 March - 2024 March) are provided with Identity Cards and Health Cards. 

National Crush Rashmika Mandanna attended the event as chief guest while Naveen Yerneni Garu, one of the producers of Mythri Movie Makers banner, People Media Factory producer TG Vishwaprasad Garu, Shine Screens producer Sahu Garapati Garu, Sree Venkateswara Cinemas LLP, Asian Cinemas CMO Jahnvi Narang graced the event as honorary guests. The event was held at Prasad Labs. 

On this occasion, TFJA president Lakshmi Narayana said, " Thanks to Rashmika Mandanna Garu for immediately agreeing and coming here upon our request. Thanks to Dil Raju Garu who lent his helping hand when we requested him initially. That year he assured us to provide the insurance amount. He also suggested that it would be good if every year a big production house should contribute the insurance amount and he stood by us. Amount our friends, one faced health issues and stayed in a coma for 40 days. Another two, three colleagues met with accidents and were unable to walk for many days. Their families suffered a lot during those tough days. After seeing the plight of these three, four fellow journalists and their families, we wanted to form an association to address such problems by helping each other. It resulted in the initiation of this health insurance program. We have been paying health insurance for the last five years. Directors and Producers are coming forward to help us whenever we ask them a favor. Knowing about our programs and health insurance, Chiranjeevi Garu helped us all by himself. During the Corona period, when no one was unable to help others, we listed 60 members, who are in dire need and handed over monthly groceries for the first time. Sometimes we even helped some people who are not from our union. When one of our friend's mother passed away, we helped him despite our difficulties. We have helped a lot of people through our association. We are planning to do many more useful programs in the future. We will announce those details very soon. Coming This year, when we requested Vishwaprasad Garu about the insurance, he immediately responded. Every Producer is coming forward by themselves when we approach them about insurance. Our association has acquired such trust in the Industry. Mythri Movie Makers also says that "no need to ask, we will transfer the amount online" and they are doing it. Sahu Garu also does the needful whenever we approach him. Suniel Narang Garu also responded within two hours after we asked him. We are glad that Rashmika Garu came here for this program. Usually, they call us (journalists) and we will go to them. It feels happy that Rashmika came here for us upon our request. I hope she will also lend her helping hand to our association. Thank you very much to one and all." 

TFJA General Secretary YJ Rambabu says, " Thanks to our chief guest, pan India heroine Rashmika Garu for coming here today upon our request. Thanks to Vishwaprasad Garu, Naveen Garu, Sahu Garu, and Jahnvi Garu. All these responded immediately and came here today because of the goodwill of our association. These people are doing a lot for us and when a question arises about what we are doing for them, recently we interacted with Dil Raju Garu and Chiranjeevi Garu on behalf of the association about contributing towards Cinema. While they are doing such big help to our journalists, we must also stand by them and help them as journalists when they face troubles. Especially during this social media age, a lot of nonsense is happening there. Due to this, celebrities are suffering the most. So much nonsense has been written about heroes and heroines. They can't face this abusive behavior alone by themselves. They are busy with their movies and shootings. We gave our word that during those situations, we on behalf of our association will stand by them. As a part of this, we are forming a committee with the police department, lawyers, chamber, and MAA association. Four of our association members will also be part of that committee. Through this, we will fight against the problems faced by celebrities. Knowing this, Chiranjeevi Garu and Dil Raju Garu appreciated us by saying that it is a great idea. They encouraged us to start it immediately. After looking at some legal issues, we will start this committee soon. For any problem, everyone is blaming the media. Not everyone will do bad things. It should not be generalized if one or two such instances happen. In the past, complaints were filed at the MAA Association and other associations. From now on if anyone comes with a problem to our association, we will take responsibility to solve that problem as journalists. This is our future program. We did three kinds of insurance for TFJA. The first one is Three Lakhs of health insurance for a four-member family. The remaining are term policy and accidental policy. Among these, if anything happens to anyone in the family, the total amount will be given to the remaining family. Under the accidental policy, if anyone met with an accident and was unable to work, we will provide Ten Thousand Rupees per week to that person. This plan might continue for five years. For these three insurances, we met a lot of big insurance companies. Ethika Insurance meets our criteria and came forward. We appointed two members on behalf of them and from us. They will be available for 24 hours for assistance. So far we have paid One Crore Ten Lakhs amount has been paid as insurance. We claimed more than Rs 90 Lakhs. No one wants to go to the hospital. Sox our association took that responsibility. During this process, the entire industry stood by us. They didn't object to us in any aspect. Our TFJA will undertake many more programs in the coming future. I wish all of your support will continue for our TFJA in the future too. Thank You very much."

Ethika Insurance delegate Siva says, " Thanks to everyone for inviting us here today. Our association with TFJA has been going on successfully for the last five years. Over these five years, we did 96 hospital claims. Among them, there are two death claims and one accidental claim. We provided 50 Lakhs and 50 thousand for that. Last year as promised by our director Rajendra Garu, we conducted health checkups last December. We hope our association with TFJA will continue in the future also. We wish no one to suffer. Even if anything arises, I promise that we will be available for 24 hours for you."

TFJA Teasurer Naidu Surendra Kumar says, " During these five years, on behalf of TFJA, we paid 1 Crore 10 Lakhs 84 Thousand 626 Rupees to the insurance company. We claimed 90 Lakhs 76 Thousand 614 Rupees out of it. Out of this, we claimed 60 Lakhs 26 Thousand 614 rupees from health insurance. We claimed 30 lakhs from term insurance. These two are death claims. One is of BA Raju Garu and another one is Lakshminarayana Rao Garu. We claimed 50 thousand for personal accidental policy. No one should face problems. Everyone should be happy. But, when something unexpected arises, we are standing by them at any time for 24 hours. These are the details of payments and claimed amounts from our TFJA. Thank You."

Mythri Movie Makers Producers Naveen Yerneni says, " Namaste to everyone. After we finished making films, they are carried to the audience by journalists only. You always lend great support in that aspect. So, we will stand by them for whatever help they need from us. I wish these insurance schemes to grow bigger and better. Thank you."

Producer TG Vishwaprasad says, " Thanks to all journalists who are taking our films to the audiences. This is a great move from TFJA. People's Media Factory will be with them whenever they need anything anytime."
Sree Venkateswara Cinemas LLP, Asian Cinemas CMO Janhvi Narang says, " My father was unable to attend this event today. We will always end our support to TFJA."  

Producer Sahu Garapati says, " I am glad to be here today. I believe TFJA would undertake many more good programs and help its members in many ways. All the best to the association for doing good things."

Chief Guest Rashmika Mandanna says, " Namaste everyone. It's good to see that a union stands for the welfare of its members. Usually, whenever a function of our movies was held, you all come there and support us. Now, upon your call, I came here for you. This makes me happy. You all should be very happy. Always keep smiling. Thank you very much for inviting me to this event. It's been a while since I met all of you. From now on, I will. meet you regularly."

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