A3 Labels Production's movie launched grandly

Friday,April19th,2024, 03:37 PM

The new film under the banner of A3 Labels, starring Tony Kick and Sunita Marasyar, was officially launched at Film Nagar temple in Hyderabad on Friday. Produced by Girish Kumar and directed by Bullet Bandi Laxman, the famous writer Chinnikrishna sounded the clapboard for the opening scene, while AI Plex's Pradeep Kumar switched on the camera. Writer Veligonda Srinivas was the chief guest for the event.

Chinnikrishna said, "I am happy that Pradeep and Girish are producing this film together under the banner of A3 Labels. Directed by Bullet Bandi Laxman, I have listened to sixty scenes of this story. It is known that Ram and Laxman's albums have become sensational blockbusters in South India. Their song 'Allah Hey Allah' is now being made into a story. After this movie, Bullet Bandi Laxman will stand as one of the top directors. I want this movie to be a big hit and everyone should to bless the team."

Writer Veligonda Srinivas said, "Ram and Lakshman are examples of how far you can go if you believe in the film, love it, and work hard. I am happy they gained popularity with private albums and are now entering the film industry. I want this movie they are making to become a big blockbuster. The producer, coming from Karnataka, is making the film and I wish him great success."

Bhole Sawali commented, "There is no need to talk about the popularity of Bullet Bandi Laxman on YouTube. The combination of Tony, Sunita, Ram, and Laxman will be seen again. It is a great concept to make the song 'Allah Hey Allah' into a film. I congratulate Girish Kumar, who is producing the film. Congratulations to the entire team."

Producer Girish Kumar stated, "I am from Karnataka. I liked the song 'Allah Hey Allah' by Ram and Laxman. It resonated well with me. When I spoke to the entire team, I liked their vision and decided to make the film. This is our first film under the A3 Labels banner. I am keen to produce more quality films."

Heroine Sunita Marasyar expressed, "Thanks to the audience who made 'Allah Hey Allah' a big hit. Now we are making a movie with that theme. It's a good story. I hope for the same encouragement as before to support our team."

Hero Tony Kick remarked, "Thanks to our director, Bullet Bandi Laxman. We have started the film with the concept of 'Allah Hey Allah' crafted by him. Thanks to our director and producer, Girish Kumar, for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to be a hero."

Music director Madin S.K. noted, "The song 'Allah Hey Allah' is four minutes long and has been viewed by two crore people. I hope two hundred crore people watch the two-hour film based on the same concept."

Cinematographer Janatha Bablu mentioned, "Stepping into the field of cinema is new for all of us, but we came with passion. Although Laxman is directing his first film, he has prepared a good story. I am grateful to the director and producer for trusting me and giving me this opportunity."

Ram Adnan added, "Laxman is directing for the first time. The story is different. We believe the audience who loved the song 'Allah Hey Allah' will also love our film. Thanks to Girish, who is producing the film with faith in us. Thank you to everyone supporting us."

Director Bullet Bandi Laxman shared, "Once we entered the film industry, we faced difficulties and left. But we earned the audience's approval through folk songs. Our producer, Girish Kumar, who recognized my film dream, stepped forward to make this film. I am deeply thankful to him. So far, I have tried to tell a story in a song of four minutes. Now our producer has come forward to make a two-hour film. Each song of ours is meant to attract the audience to theaters and please their hearts. I have the support of our team's will power. I hope to receive support for the movie as I have on YouTube."

Tony Kick, Sunita Marasyar, Tanikella Bharani, Totapalli Madhu, Raj Tiran Das, Riaz of Dasara fame, Nalgonda Gaddar, Koti Yadav, Dhoom Dham Team, etc.

Technical category includes:
Production Company - A3 Labels, Direction - Bullet Bandi Laxman, Producer - Girish Kumar, Cinematography - Janatha Bablu, Music - Madin SK, Lyrics - Chandra Bose, Art - Prabhakar R.L. Team, Production Controllers - Kumar, Dileep, Production Executives - Anji, Venkat Shourya, Ram Adnan, Poster Designer - Sagar Mudiraj, P.R.O - Vamsi Kaka

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