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Tuesday,May28th,2024, 07:21 AM

Anand Deverakonda's latest movie is "Gam..Gam..Ganesha." Pragathi Srivastava and Nayan Sarika will be seen as the heroines opposite Anand. This movie is being produced by Kedar Selagamshetty and Vamsi Karumanchi under the banner Hy-Life Entertainment. Uday Shetty is debuting as a director with this film. "Gam..Gam..Ganesha" is coming for a grand theatrical release on the 31st of this month. National crush Rashmika Mandanna was the chief guest at this film's pre-release event in Hyderabad. During this program:

Actor Krishna Chaitanya said, "'Gam..Gam..Ganesha' is a film made by a new team to prove themselves. It is not just a heroic story; all roles have importance. There are about 35 characters in this movie. It will be a different movie for Anand Deverakonda."

Lyricist Suresh Banisetti said, "In the movie 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha,' I wrote a song called 'Picchi Nachchashave.' Chetan Bharadwaj has given a good tune for this song, sung by Anurag Kulkarni. I enjoyed writing the lyrics for this song. Rashmika Mandanna is happy to be a guest at this program."

Dance master Vijay Polaki said, "It is always a pleasure to work with Anand Anna. I want to continue working with him like this. Director Uday is going to achieve a hit with this movie. All the best to the team."

Actor Satyam Rajesh said, "Our director Uday has made this film as beautifully as the sculpture of Lord Ganesha. He checked every scene and re-shot it to perfection. Uday will definitely become a good director. All the best to hero Anand, the two heroines, and the other cast and crew. I hope 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha' becomes a big hit."

Actor Yavar said, "'Gam..Gam..Ganesha' made my dream of acting in movies come true. I would like to thank Anand, the director, and the producer for giving me a chance in this film. The movie will release on the 31st of this month. We want your support."

Heroine Nayan Sarika said, "Our director Uday worked very hard from the script to the making of 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha.' It was a pleasure to work with Anand. In this movie, you will see Anand in a new type of character not seen before. Music director Chetan Bharadwaj gave life to the movie with the BGM. My favorite song is 'Madly Nachchashave.' Heroine Pragathi is a beautiful girl. I have no scenes with her, but I saw her performance, and it was very good. I hope the hard work of our team pays off with this film."

Heroine Pragathi Srivastava said, "'Gam..Gam..Ganesha' is a special movie in my career. It was a pleasure to work with Anand. He is a supportive co-star. Thanks to director Uday for giving me a chance in such a good project. 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha' is a wholesome entertainer. Sidh Sriram is my favorite singer. I felt happy when he sang the 'Brundavanive' song in our movie. Chetan Bharadwaj gave good music. Watch our movie in theaters and enjoy."

Jabardast Emmanuel said, "I will never forget the movie 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha.' Anand's friend character is very important in this movie. Thanks to our director Uday who believed that I could do such a key role. He has written a very good script for this movie. The audience who comes out after watching the movie will remember the names of most of the characters. Anand Anna believed in me and supported me in playing this character. Everyone who knows him knows what a good person Anand is. I wish 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha' great success."

Director and producer Madhura Sreedhar Reddy said, "I saw 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha' two days ago. It entertained me throughout. This is a movie to watch without looking away. It will provide cool entertainment to family audiences in this hot summer. Anand's performance will impress you. With movies like 'Dorasari,' 'Middle Class Melodies,' 'Baby,' and now 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha,' Anand has a strong lineup. Each movie he selects is unique. I would like to congratulate the entire team before the release because I have seen the movie."

Astrolazer RMP Shetty said, "'Gam..Gam..Ganesha' is the name of success. Those who take the name of Ganesha will not have any problems. This film will also fetch name and money without any issues. I really liked Anand's performance in 'Baby.' It seems that the entire movie team made this movie with love instead of hard work."

Director Anudeep K.V. said, "Director Uday is my friend. He should achieve good success with 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha.' I hope Anand will have 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha' as one of his memorable movies. All the best to the team."

Director Sai Rajesh said, "'Baby' is an emotional movie, while 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha' is an entertaining one. When Anand transitioned to 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha' after doing our 'Baby' movie, I asked him about the experience of the two films. Anand said he was emotionally stressed during 'Baby' but felt very fun and relaxed on the set of 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha.' Not many people have seen Anand in 'Pushpaka Vimanam,' but his comedy timing is perfect. I can strongly say that 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha' will make you laugh with its good entertainment."

Producer Vamsi Karumanchi said, "Vijay Madduri was the person who supported Kedar and me for 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha.' Thank you to him. Anand always has a smile on his face. Even after 10-12 hours of hard work on a movie, he never shows any frustration. Anand has been seen as a middle-class boy and a middle-class husband until now. But with this movie, he will be seen in a funky character. It's said that Anand can handle emotions well, but with this movie, he proves he can impress with comedy too. 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha' is definitely something you will enjoy."

Producer Kedar Selagamshetty said, "Thanks to Rashmika and all the other guests who came to our event. Anand and I are family friends, and I was happy to have the opportunity to produce this film. This is a new movie showing Anand in a different light on screen. It was satisfying to see our first movie shaping up to everyone's liking."

Co-producer Anurag Parvataneni said, "Rashmika is a lucky charm. We hope that luck will come to us with her presence at our event. Along with regular movie lovers, both family and youth audiences will like 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha.'"

Director Uday Shetty said, "Our producers have given us a lot of support since the story of 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha.' Cinematographer Aditya is my strength. Choreography, music, art work—these will impress you in every aspect of the movie. I was lucky to get a hero like Anand for my first film. He used to call even after shooting and going home, saying if I liked the scene or not, let's do it again, don't get tensed. Such support was given and anchored. 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha' will thrill you if you think of it as a comedy movie, make you laugh if you think of it as a thriller, and surprise you if you think of it as a regular action comedy. There is a guest role in this movie. Be ready to be shocked to see that role in the theater. 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha' will be a movie loved by all family and youth audiences."

Producer Bunny Vas said, "Kedar, Vamsi, and Anurag are happy to come as producers from Anand and Vijay's family circle. Nayan Sarika is also acting in the movie 'Ma Ai.' I wish Anand's next post-'Baby' movie, 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha,' a success. Our Srivalli Rashmika is happy to attend this event. All the best to director Uday and the team."

Producer SKN said, "'Gam..Gam..Ganesha' producers Vamsi and Kedar supported Vijay, who are good friends of mine. Co-producer Anurag is also a good friend. Anand is the most passionate hero I have ever worked with, showing great dedication towards cinema. I wish to see him achieve success beyond 'Baby' with 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha.'

Hero Anand Devarakonda said, "In interviews, some people asked why I did 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha.' Instead of asking why, I started asking why not. If you find a story with a funky character mixed with family emotions in a crime comedy, you don't want to pass it up. I have never appeared in any other movie as energetically as I have in this one. Director Uday brought out that energy in me. Thanks to Uday for bringing this story to me. I used to call SKN, Sai Rajesh, Dheeraj, and Maruti regularly when 'Baby' was in post-production, asking if the movie would do well. I lacked confidence and took confidence from those around me. Maruti said, 'Do you know what movie you have done? Your career will change after the release of 'Baby.' It happened as he said. Maruti gave me a lot of confidence with his words. I used to call Uday even during 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha' and ask if the movie is good. Yesterday, we showed the movie to a hundred youth and family audiences who have nothing to do with our movie. They all enjoyed the twists and turns in the movie. The perfect family entertainer for this summer is 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha.'

Two more films are coming out on the 31st. There should be healthy competition. I want all the movies to be popular. This summer has been dry, and the industry will thrive only if at least two medium and small films are popular every month. Everyone gets employment. We have made a good movie with 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha.' We are happy with the output. Go to the theater and watch the movie. Tell others if you like it. This is not just my film; many characters are good. The movie will have a unique presentation. Thanks to Rashmika and all our team."

National crush Rashmika Mandanna said, "'Gam..Gam..Ganesha,' I know how important this team is to everyone. We should support each other. I felt this when I entered the film industry. Anand is like a brother to me. He doesn't know that I depend on him a lot. Anand will have a smile on his face if this movie succeeds. I want to see that smile. I danced to the songs of 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha.' Chetan Bharadwaj's music is very good. Director Uday should achieve big success with this movie. Rudra and Emmanuel's performances in 'Gam..Gam..Ganesha' are impressive. You can't stop laughing when you watch Emmanuel's videos. Producers Vamsi, Kedar, and Anurag should see profits from this movie. After watching 'Baby,' I felt that I must act under the direction of Sai Rajesh."

Anand Devarakonda, Pragathi Srivastava, Nayan Sarika, Karishma, Vennela Kishore, Satyam Rajesh, Jabardast Emmanuel, Raj Arjun, etc.

Technical Team:
PRO - GSK Media (Suresh - Sreenivas)
Costume Designer : Poojita Tadikonda
Art: Kiran Mamidi
Editor: Karthik Srinivas
Cinematography: Aditya Javadi
Music - Chetan Bhardwaj
Lyrics - Suresh Banishetti
Banner - Hi-Life Entertainment
Choreography: Polaki Vijay
Co-Producer - Anurag Parvataneni
Producers - Kedar Selagamshetty, Vamsi Karumanchi
Written and Directed by - Uday Shetty

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