"Aarambham" is set for a grand theatrical release tomorrow

Thursday,May09th,2024, 12:42 PM

"Aarambham," starring Mohan Bhagat, Supritha Satyanarayan, Bhushan Kalyan, and Ravindra Vijay in pivotal roles, is produced by Abhishek VT under the banner of AVT Entertainment and directed by Ajay Nag V. This emotional thriller is poised for a grand theatrical release tomorrow. The pre-release event, graced by successful hero Sree Vishnu, also saw the presence of hero Thiruveer, directors Naveen Medaram and Venkatesh Maha, and heroine Shivani Nagaram as guests.

On this occasion, Executive Producer Vinay Reddy Mamidi said - Our team acknowledges that I am the Karta, Karma, Kriya for this movie, but all credit goes to our producer Abhishek Viti. I merely coordinated. Like Anjaneya, the hero Mohan doesn't realize his strength. He found our director Ajay Nag akin to Sri Ram. Music director Sinjith joined our team later but garnered immense fame. I cannot comment on the film's budget, but we spared no expense in ensuring its quality. Special thanks to our producer Abhishek Vity's father for his unwavering support. Gratitude to hero Sri Vishnu, Thiruveer, and Venkatesh Maha.

Music director Sinjith Yerramilli said - I extend my gratitude to heroes Sri Vishnu and Thiruveer, directors Naveen Medaram and Venkatesh Maha for gracing our movie event today. "Aarambham" has been a blessing to me. Having watched the movie yesterday, I am confident it will resonate well with the audience.

Actor Mouli said - The "Aarambham" team exudes genuineness and passion for cinema. A commendable movie has been crafted, with music director Sinjith pouring his heart into the music. Wishing the team success.

Dialogue writer Sandeep Angadi said - You can watch "Aarambham" without any reservations; it's a delightful movie crafted by like-minded individuals. The trailer itself is a testament to its appeal.

Actor Laxman Meesala said - It's been two decades since I entered the film industry, and "Aarambham" coincides with this milestone. Hoping for a new chapter in my career's journey. Both Thiruveer and Sree Vishnu, who I've had the pleasure of working with, are now leading actors and are extending opportunities to me. May the movie's success mark a new beginning for us all.

Actor Bhushan Kalyan said - A new energy will be seen in the movie "Aarambham." This film was made by young people together, much younger than me. Working with them has changed me as a person. Ajay adapted a famous Kannada novel for this movie, which is quite challenging. However, Ajay directed "Aarambham" convincingly, and the movie turned out very well. All the best to the movie team.

Actor Abhishek Boddepalli said - People see me in the poster of "Aarambham" and ask if it's really me. Director Ajay gave me a completely different character in this film. We worked together as a team, and I encourage everyone to watch "Aarambham" in theaters on May 10.

Actress Surabhi Prabhavathi said - I portrayed the mother character in this movie. It never felt like acting during shooting; it felt natural, just like how a mother and son would talk and behave. You'll witness this spontaneity in the film.

Heroine Shivani Nagaram said - I've known the people in this team for six years, and they are passionate about movies. They have crafted a unique film with "Aarambham," a different concept that requires courage. Producer Abhishek deserves appreciation for that. The teaser and trailer are impressive, and all the actors, especially Mohan, performed remarkably. I had the opportunity to sing a song in the movie. Watch "Aarambham" in theaters tomorrow; you'll surely enjoy it.

Producer Abhishek VT said - When producing a film, friends usually question the risk, but my friends came forward to encourage and financially support me. Thanks to all my friends who understood and supported my passion. My team worked on the film with love, with some members not even taking payment yet. Everyone in our team contributed to all aspects of filmmaking, demonstrating great teamwork. My family has been very supportive. I hope this new concept movie gets a good start and is liked by the audience.

Director Ajay Nag V said - If we pursue what we love in life, success is inevitable, as proven by Sree Vishnu and Thiruveer Anna. I believed in the same philosophy and made "Aarambham." We are all newcomers, and we hope the audience receives this movie well. Filmmaking can be challenging, but with a good team, it's enjoyable. We haven't yet focused on monetization; Caraf Kancherapalem is a great example of how a small movie with a new concept can succeed. Thanks to Venkatesh Maha for that. I believe the questions about "Aarambham" have been answered with the trailer.

Director Naveen Medaram said - My friend handles the overseas distribution of "Aarambham." If he says the movie is good, I go and watch it. I can confidently say that a movie like this hasn't come out in Telugu before. "Aarambham" is impressive with its good music, cinematography, shooting, and DI. A delightful movie has been crafted in a small village. I anticipate that it will achieve sky-high success. Watch this movie in theaters and enjoy.

Hero Mohan Bhagat said - Thanks to Sree Vishnu, Thiruveer, Venkatesh Maha, and Naveen Medaram for coming to support us. I am as happy now as I was five years ago when I made "C/o Kancherapalem," equally happy now that I have acted in "Aarambham." I have been in the industry for 14 years, and it's rare to find a team with such passion for filmmaking. There's no tension when working with such a good team. Both Venkatesh Maha and I know how difficult it is to successfully bring a film to the audience. Recently, my mother passed away, and I feel she is the driving force behind me. Our producer, Abhishek Ramanaidu, aspires to become a big producer. I'm confident that everyone will like the movie "Aarambham."

Hero Thiruveer said - Mohan, Laxman Telugu University, and Ravindra Bharati, we are happy to be on the stage of this star hotel. When I was doing films with Mohan, it was tough. I mean, we had to play certain characters, but Mohan used to say firmly that we too would become heroes. Mohan was the first person who believed that we would be heroes. After "C/o Kancherapalem," many people asked how to contact this hero. One day, he suddenly came and showed the trailer of "Aarambam." The producer and director are from Karnataka, but they have made a good Telugu movie. Like "Middle Class Melodies," "C/o Kancherapalem," Vivek Athreya's movies, sometimes a good movie comes in Telugu. We eagerly wait for any Malayalam movie streaming on OTT. These directors and producers have given us such good Telugu movies. Watch "Aarambham" in theaters; you all will like it.

Director Venkatesh Maha said - I would like to thank Dheeraj Mogilineni for helping with the distribution of "Aarambam." I did "C/o Kancherapalem" with Mohan. This team is reminiscent of the curiosity we had for films back then. Many people asked about Mohan after "C/o Kancherapalem." With "Aarambam," Mohan is back on the screens. He wants this to mark the beginning of his long career. Our Telugu cinema is gaining popularity worldwide, and our directors are making movies with that in mind. I wish "Aarambam" a big success.

Hero Shri Vishnu said - My friend Swaroop asked me to launch a song about "Aarambam." Then a team of ten people came to me. Whoever thought of it, I saw the song and loved it wholeheartedly. They showed me the teaser. I don't easily get along with new people. When they left, they told Swaroop that the song and the teaser were very good. Movies with good content often face struggles to get released, and I have experienced it. My friend Dhiraj Mogalineni is distributing this film, and he distributes good movies. "Aarambham" also needs a good reception. The team that worked on this movie is amazing, very good. I believe many stars will emerge from this team in four or five years. If a good story comes along, I think I will do a film with this team. I wish the team of "Aarambham" all the best.

Actors - Mohan Bhagat, Supritha Satyanarayana, Bhushan Kalyan, Ravindra Vijay, Laxman Meesala, Bodepally Abhishek, Surabhi Prabhavathi etc.

Technical team
Editor - Aditya Tiwari, Pritam Gayatri
Cinematography - Devdeep Gandhi Kundu
Music - Sinjith Yerramilli
Dialogues - Sandeep Angidi
Sound - Manika Prabhu
Executive Producer - Vinay Reddy Mango
CEO - Ujwal BM
PRO - GSK Media (Suresh - Sreenivas)
Banner - AVT Entertainment
Producer - Abhishek VT
Directed by - Ajay Nag V

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